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Student advice

Student advice is a kind of information or notice directed to the pupils by the college authorities for proper functioning of the institution and maintenance of discipline within its premises. Apart from a set of guidelines it can also be viewed as a support system for the pupils when they are in need of guidance regarding some issues related to their campus life and student activities. In most of the colleges there is a team of staff who are professional answer finder and dedicated to providing information as well as guidance regarding the pupil and campus affairs. The services provided by this team to pupils are free of any charge and are kept confidential if the pupils demand.

Apart from information like housing rights, money management, immigration issues, international pupils rights and limitations, state benefits, student account, sources of funding etc. information like extra provisions for disabled or pregnant pupils in the campus, facility of nursery, breastfeeding areas, availability of emergency services etc. are also provided to pupils who ask for it.


There is no better source to seek guidance than from this team of staff because they can provide the best and most accurate information regarding the different directives and rules and regulations of the college. Through such high proximity of information one can take the best decisions. If you are in a dilemma regarding a particular issue, then these staff would also help you in making an informed choice. If you want you can also ask them to advocate or negotiate on your behalf if it is in their capacity to do so. Chances are that when you go to them in order to sort out a problem they would have the solution ready for you in the form of a series of information typed on a paper, which covers not only your issue but also related issues. They have these kinds of information bulletins on a number of topics. The minute you raise a question, a detailed answer in written format would be handed over to you. In most of the cases you won`t even have to walk down to their offices for minor issues. You just have to get connected to your college website, click the link meant for that department, type your issue or problem and instant reply would be available on your computer screens. If in any case they do not have an instant reply they would promptly get back to you with a solution of your problem as early and as accurately as possible.


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Student advice can be obtained in a number of ways. You can fix a prior appointment. If your problem needs to be sorted out in more than one appointment then the same person will attend to you always. This way you are also able to build a rapport with the person who is handling your case. You can also attend workshops organized by this department from time to time. You can keep track of an issue that bothers you via email too. Otherwise if it is urgent you can also avail the facility of a drop in session, which is designed to give you an instant respite from your problems.

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