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Some Pros of Having an Emotional Support Animal - 2021 Guide

If you are suffering from any mental issues like anxiety, stress or depression, there is a chance that your doctor has suggested you keep an emotional support animal. Now you must be wondering what good can an animal do which a doctor even could not. If you don’t believe that the emotional support animals can heal you or release your stress, let us tell you there are many cases where these emotional support animals have stopped their owner from committing suicide. An ESA letter for housing tends to become part of the family and an essential part of our lives. There are endless benefits of having an emotional support animal, but here let us view some of the key benefits.

They cheer us up

Those who are depressed have to take antidepressants which increase serotonin levels in the human body. Sometimes these antidepressants have side effects too. Emotional support animals are the remedy to this depression and they don’t even have side effects! According to scientific research, dogs increase levels of dopamine and such neurochemicals which are related to emotions like bonding and love. So not only do they make you less-depressed but also make you care. 

They reduce stress

For people who are reluctant to make social contact or feel inferior, the emotional support animals work as a natural therapy. With rhythmic petting an emotional support animal, they feel comforted and relaxed. Or even those who are stressed due to workload or other life problems, tend to feel relaxed when they spend time with their emotional support animal. In this way, the hormone level and blood pressure are also maintained to safer limits.

They calm us

We all know that there is chaos at airports and crowded marketplaces. If you suffer from anxiety or such mental health issues, it must be difficult for you while traveling or in crowded places. In such cases, having an emotional animal with you will help you calm down. Instead of becoming overwhelmed due to fear or crowd, you can focus on your emotional support animal and stay calm. All you have to do is show your ESA letter, issued by your mental health expert. You can also view an emotional support animal letter for free to get a clearer idea. There might be a chance that the security restricts you from keeping a pet but they will allow you to keep your emotional support animals without any additional charges. 

They love and care

People who have had rough times find it difficult to get back to normal life. They cannot easily trust people or develop stable terms with them. In this condition, an emotional support animal can become their companion in hard times and make them feel better. In worst cases where people even forget about self-care, emotional support animals are there to make them feel safer and relaxed. They help them relearn to trust and develop care. 

They help us become social

An anxious or depressed person avoids people because of a lack of confidence. But with emotional support animals, they feel relaxed because these emotional support animals will not judge them or pass any comments. We must acknowledge that these ESAs help us gain confidence too. As a person gains confidence, they tend to become more friendly towards other humans too. The best part is when the owners take their emotional support animals for a walk, people stop to pet the animals. The conversations of ESA letter owners with other people initiate. They also make friends with similar interests. So now I can guarantee that you cannot negate the fact that these emotional support animals make humans social. 

These are some of the benefits of keeping an ESA but they are enough to prove that emotional support animals play a huge role in the lives of people who suffer from mental disorders.