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We often tend to underestimate the amount of work that the completion of a thesis can represent. We can be given 2 or 3 or 6 months to do it, but we will only start it when the pressure starts to rise to our head (procrastination) and it is often then that we realize that it may be a little too late. However, this is not always the case. It is quite possible to finish your thesis on time, even if you only have two weeks left, or about 15 days. You just need to have a good methodology and an excellent organization.

A question of organization and planning

The first thing to know in this kind of situation when you need write my paper is that the human brain is much more productive when working under pressure. The adrenaline rush will keep him awake, so there's no need to worry, he'll be up and running until the end. There are just a few precautions you can take to keep it from getting tired and stopping working properly. For this, it is necessary to respect the hours of sleep and to have a healthy and balanced diet. Restful sleep or deep sleep is between 10:30 p.m. - 11 p.m. and 2:30 a.m. - 3 a.m., it is best to sleep before midnight. When it comes to food, the rule is simple: eat like a king in the morning, swallow foods rich in protein, magnesium and omega 3 at noon and eat a light plate in the evening.

It is important to establish a schedule and set working hours. A my paper writer need to determine what time of day the brain is most productive. In the majority of cases, it is often the morning, so you have to get up early. The effort deployed at the start of the day must be at its maximum since human nature is that it will regress until nightfall. When establishing the work schedule, always take a margin of 1 to 2 days before handing over the document to take a step back, reread what has been done and correct any errors. So in total, there are more or less 13 days left for the completion of all the work.

The idea is as follows, we must start by defining the main orientations of the thesis, namely the problematic, the detailed plan, the basic theories, etc. Then, a list of the main bibliographic reviews, at least the best known, on the subject must be drawn up. You're smart enough to know that you don't have enough time to read several books of two hundred pages, so you have to look for their summary. The ideal would be to find articles which treat them and which comment on them by evoking their scope and their limits. A diagonal reading is preferred, we only stop if we find something that we do not understand or that needs to be deepened. At the time of writing, rephrase as much as possible without forgetting to mention the author (s) (sources) to avoid plagiarism.

Once this is done, we can proceed to the realization of the empirical part of the thesis . It can be a case study, a factual analysis or others depending on the field and the objective of the dissertation. Some can be done through a literature review, but others require a field trip, data collection, etc. In this second case, it must be done as quickly as possible. Either we try to find data on the internet and we apply our methodology to it, or we reproduce what has already been done but with a personal touch to make the difference. This step should take three to five days at most, after that you have to write. The remaining two or three days will be spent tweaking the introduction, discussing, and concluding the study.

In conclusion
Throughout the work, do not hesitate to have friends or family proofread what has already been written or find essay writing help online. This would avoid a lot of problems and allow for a different viewing angle from ours, which could help improve the work. Parts such as the introduction and conclusion should not be overlooked, these are the ones that the proofreaders will read first and therefore they will be the first image they get of us. Finally, you have to check the formatting and especially the spelling, grammar and syntax. The use of the services of a proofreader can even be considered if necessary, because the reading committee of the briefs will not waste its time trying to understand what cannot be understood.

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