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The Dummies Guide to Chicago Manual of Style - 2021

Referencing and citations are the lifeblood to any essay writer. If you are a student reading this, you know what I am saying. But citations in an essay or a paper always seem like a hard nut to crack. Have you ever questioned, why is this so? With the numerous styles of referencing, students often confuse themselves. Especially when it comes to some unusual referencing style.

You do not have to worry about the citation style if you ask an expert to write my essay for me. But learning these styles won’t hurt. If you face the same issue, worry not, you have made it to essay writing service. This style has been used working in literature, arts, history. This guide will acquaint you with the Chicago Manual of Style in a simple way using the style of a layman. 

Documentation Styles in The Chicago Manual of Style (CMOS)

This referencing style generally uses two systems of citation: 

  • The Notes-Bibliography System (NB) 
  • The Author-Date System

Both systems of citation differ from each other in formatting and leading the reader to write my essay. But none of those fail to deliver important information about the source of information. One is being used by the people in arts, history, and literature while the other is utilized by the people of social sciences. 

Notes and Bibliography (NB) in Chicago style

Have you ever seen that smaller numbers in between the text, generally at the end of sentences? This is basically a reference to a footnote or endnote. The same goes for Notes and Bibliography (NB) in Chicago Style. It relies on endnotes footnotes and bibliography to tell the reader about the source. 

Also, it offers an opportunity for the writer to talk about the source of information. The notes and bibliography style also protect the writer’s credibility and they are never accused of plagiarism, either accidental or intentional.


Notes are of two types, endnotes, and footnotes. Footnotes appear at the end of the page where the source used is referenced, while the endnote comes at the end of the page. But, in either case, a superscript number is placed at the end of the text corresponding to a note (either footnote or endnote). Now one thing to note here is that if the paper has a bibliography at the end, the note is not very detailed and complete information is put in the essay help. Otherwise, notes contain all the relevant information.  Endnotes and footnotes and both begin with a full number followed by a period.


An alphabetic list of all the sources used in the essay is generally referred to as the bibliography. Everyone knows that, right? 

Entries for all the sources are different such as it differs for articles, books, and websites. In some cases, if you have included everything in notes, no need to use a bibliography. 

Every bibliography has some common elements such as: 

  • Author Names
  • Titles
  • Publication Information
  • Punctuation

Author-date System in Chicago style

This system is most commonly used in social sciences. Under this system, in-text citations of the sources are made by the name of author and the year of publication. For every source, there can be multiple in-text citations. This system is common and seems easy as it is similar to the other citation styles typically used such as APA, Chicago, and Harvard. 

Sometimes, authors from other fields are also required to write my essay for me and use this style which makes it tough for them. 

Hopefully, this guide has all the information one needs to complete an assignment that requires the Chicago style of citation/referencing. Rock on.